The following areas are embargoed to orienteers until the dates indicated:


2020 Nationals

Tasmania 2021 - Imagine 9 straight days in some of Australia’s best terrain…

Now the embargoes have been announced you can get a real taste of what the orienteering will be like over the Australian Championships 2021. Terrain highlights include granite boulders, intricate erosion detail, confusing contours and stunning coastline. This means that with open forests, you’ll be able to test your navigation skills at speed.

To see the embargoed areas along with links to the relevant old maps visit 2021 Nationals

You probably know that embargoes are areas you must not visit for training purposes (including to scout an area). Anyone breaking any embargo will be disqualified from competing at the relevant event. If you need to visit an embargoed area for any reason, contact the championships organisers.


2022 Nationals

Embargoed Until The Australian Championships 2022


  • The area south of Central Springs Road, east of the Midland Hwy, north of the Old Ballarat Road and west of the Ballan-Daylesford Road and including Victoria Park.
  • The area east of the Ballan-Daylesford Road, west of Lake Road (becomes Specimen Hill Road) and north of a line extending from Hogans Lane east to Specimen Hill Road (the Musk Vale map).


  • The area east of the Midland Highway and the Campbells Creek-Fryers Road, west of the Vaughan-Chewton Road and south of the Pyrenees Highway (the Wattle Gully map also known as the Spring Gully map), excluding the townships of Campbells Creek and Castlemaine.
  • That part of the Mt Alexander Regional Park south of the southern end of the La Larr Ba Gauwa Mountain Bike Park.


  • The area north of the Bridgewater-Maldon Road, east of the Maldon-Shelbourne Road, south of Nuggety Road and west and north of the Bendigo-Maldon Road, excluding Maldon township.


  • Kyneton Community Park, Kyneton Botanic Gardens, the part of the town south of Begg Street, Sacred Heart College, Kyneton Secondary College, Kyneton Primary School, Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School, other than for school purposes.


  • Sunbury College and Salesian College, other than for school purposes.